Fall Engagement Session in Chicago | Kirsten & Alec

November can be one of the trickiest months for engagement sessions in the Northern states. Luckily for Kirsten & Alec, you couldn’t ask for a more perfect evening!

As always, I work closely with my couples to learn their passions and what kind of engagement session would work best for their style as a couple. For Kirsten & Alec it was simply highlighting their playfulness and their life they love living in Chicago.

The pair live along the waterfront and wanted to really capture that part of their story. In the same breath they really wanted to step away from the rigidity of going from location to location and chose to just walk back to their apartment. By choosing this route there was a relaxed atmosphere to stop where we wanted and move on when it felt right. Kirsten and Alec allowed the focus of the session to be them interacting with each other rather than posing in front of “just another pretty backdrop”. Throughout this session I learned so much about them and really was inspired at how care-free they were with each other. Their wedding day will be one for the books!

Finally we ended by stopping at their absolute favorite pizza spot. As fun foodies they had to share this little slice with me and forever capture it as a memory and man was it fun!!! Also, if you are ever in Chicago, do not sleep on Bob’s Pizza. The pickled pizza is absolutely worth every bite!!



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