Yours is a love story for the ages. Memorable in nature, each intimate detail deserves to be captured with precision and intention.

Inspired by my unique background in Historical and Museum studies, my approach to wedding photography is ingrained in timelessness across the decades. I imagine your future children, grandchildren, nieces, or nephews thumbing through your images many years into your marriage.

Whether your wedding is big or more intimate, located in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area or across the world, I will be there to capture every tangible, touchable memory through heirloom photographs.

Capturing timelessly elegant imagery that preserves your most meaningful moments.

Caitlin + Craig

Amanda delivered such high quality pictures, and edits, while capturing genuine joy throughout the entire day. We're overwhelmed. She is such a gift to this profession and world!

Beyond the Photos

I was born and raised in the Midwest, but my heart was destined for places like the Cotswolds or Provence. I was lucky in love and found it quite young.  We spent our newlywed years road tripping around European countries before settling down in our historic craftsman with our daughter, Josephine and our golden retriever, Cooper. 

Now you will still find me wandering around Europe, but in my feet tend to stay closer to home too. My favorite pastime is spending a quiet morning on my front porch with a good book and a vanilla latte. My obsessions widely vary from hosting dinners with friends to gardening and rowing. Chances are we will find definitely find something to connect over. 

My passion for photography began at a very young age. It has taken me all over the world and allowed me to meet hundreds of the most beautiful souls on earth. Having the privilege of meeting so many people and telling their stories over the past decade is an honor that humbles me everyday. I can't wait to tell yours!

Meet Amanda, 

If you're seeking beautifully emotive images and a high-touch experience that’s as easy as checking into a five-star hotel, look no further.

My couples say I pivot beautifully and make the day run flawlessly. With over a decade of experience, I always stay cool, calm, and collected while capturing every candid moment you’ll want to cherish.


susie + mark

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Amanda makes sure to listen to the types/style of photos you want and delivers. I love all the candid moments she gets, and she was able to successfully gather and shoot our wedding party of 14 people with ease!


caroline + john

Minneapolis, Minnesota

We appreciated so much your professionalism and ability to keep us calm and enjoy the process of capturing our special day.


bianca + chris

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Just got done pouring over every photo and got a little teary eyed... you captured the day so beautifully. You will forever be an important part of our lives and we hope to be able to use you for years to come to capture many other important moments in our lives.


as seen on

Film photography allows for an unparalleled level of depth and character to imagery. Its organic process allows subjects to live in the moment without the intrusiveness that photography can sometimes have. It is renowned for its ability to render dreamy and romantic aesthetics that can be hard to duplicate. All of these elements are what makes film so special and why I offer this unique experience to each one of my clients. 

the art of film


While "home is where the heart is" my feet tend to wander often. Sometimes it the Swiss Alps calling my name and other days its the West Coast. But one thing is certain, I always have at least two plane tickets booked. 

leaving on a jet plane


They say time flies by when you’re having fun, but you’ll find me trying desperately to slow things down to savor. Simple things like a Saturday at the farmers market, Sunday brunch, or a hot latte on a morning walk make my heart happy. 

lets slow things down


Go ahead and check that “dog mom” box and tell me all about your precious baby. Before you ask, yes they are welcome to your day. I’ll even recommend a top-tier service to make sure they are properly cared for. 

 fur babies


are you ready to capture your story?

My husband’s grandma immigrated to America. I recall spending an afternoon in her apartment in awe opening box after box of her old honeymoon photos. There she was, dressed like a movie star on some beach in Europe with friends having the time of her life. She shared story after story of a life that seemed utterly foreign to us. 

It was sitting amongst those photos that I realized these are the only pieces we have of her youth. Photos are the only tangible way to relive a moment in time. Whether its euphoric wedding day joy or new baby bliss. Photos are the gift that allow us to share those moments with loved ones over and over again. After years, they become invaluable ways to share ourselves when no one can imagine our stories.

it started with a box 

the soul

behind the photos